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Enchant him review

Enchant Him Review

Enchant HimHi, my name is Mandy. I wanted to share with you today my Enchant Him review. When I was looking for advice about the Enchant Him system, all I found were poorly written hack attempts from people who did not even bother to check their spelling. I went ahead and took a chance (although there is a full money back guarantee anyway so I was not taking a chance at all) and bought the system. What happened next is the subject of this review. It had been a busy couple of months and it was only the other day that I remembered the baloney I had to wade through. I thought to myself, “this product deserves a decent review and if it helps one person it will be worth it”. I sincerely hope it helps you because I have been where you have been, or somewhere similar.

If you just want to see the product and are not wanting to read a review, click here!

My story

I will try and keep this concise as I am sure you don’t want a novel here. If we go back 7.5 months I am starting yet another relationship. He is quite good looking, has a nice smile. I’m not that confident as I have been here too many times. Relationships that start out nice but after a couple of months they lose their spark and he leaves. This guy, let’s call him Mark (not his real name as I want to protect his privacy), takes me out on a few dates. They go well. We have a few things in common and it seems like we want similar things in life. 2 months on things are still well and I am thinking that maybe, just maybe, this time could be different. A couple of weeks later he cancels on me for a date. A work thing. I didn’t panic, that sort of thing happens. But over the following weeks he does not call as much. I know it is happening again. What do I do?

I was telling my story to a friend of mine, Jen, and she stopped me and pointed me in the direction of the Enchant Him course by Carrie Engel. I watched the video presentation and in that short time I recognized actions I had been taking that had in fact been pushing men away. I looked for reviews and found the aforementioned rubbish that I referred to above. But Jen had said she heard it had worked for some girls in her office so I thought “what the heck”. I bought the system. The 3 months since then have been nothing short of astounding.

You see this course isn’t voodoo. It doesn’t ask you to do things that will make you feel like an idiot. It tells you how men think and how to use that to attract, or “enchant”, them so they can’t help but want to be with you. I locked myself in my room and I read the course twice. Next, when I saw Mark I started changing my words and actions to reflect my new wisdom. It is subtle and it is clever. But the funny thing was, he was happier around me. He felt like I “got” him and he started calling me more often. He wanted to take me out more and I didn’t have to ask. Our relationship got stronger and stronger. Just the other day he gave me a long hug and told me I meant the world to him. I was overjoyed as no guy had ever told me that in a way that I ever believed before. I am very optimistic about the future. We are almost at 8 months and we connect in ways that I’ve not connected with men before. Because until I did the Enchant Him course, I did not know how to make those connections. I did not understand men the way they deserve to be understood. It is hard to have a meaningful relationship with something, or someone, you do not understand.

So, based on my experience, I highly recommend you give this course a go. It will change the way you see the world and when you act upon the advice it will change your success rate in relationships. And, if for some reason it doesn’t, then you have 60 days to let Carrie know and she will get you your money back. So there is no risk.

What to do now

Watch the video by clicking on it below. This video alone will uncover 7 big secrets when it comes to having a relationship with men. Even if you do nothing else it is worth your time to watch it. But I recommend you take the next step and get the course. You will mark the day you did so as a turning point in your life, as it was in mine.

Enchant Him Review

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